Evolutionary Process In Creative Consciousness - The Basis Of Transmigration

Man as a corporeal Being (Jeevatma) is primarily a mental being constituted of desires, ideas & thoughts Essence of life is to express & manifest. On terrestrial plane of existence bio-proteins (evolved during the evolution) act as a medium or vehicle of expression. Thus, individual personality is constituted of two elements viz-the conscious Transactional Self or ego and non-conscious inert (jada) Bio-protein system, the medium of expression. The bio system as a medium of expression has the following defects and limitations

    1. Birth-growth-Decay & Disintegration (Jayatae-vardantae-parinamatae-Nashayati)

    1. Hunger, thirst, exhaustion, physiological &pathological afflictions

    1. These organically integral attributes are reflected & superimposed on the ego-self as "its-own" as mutual Transposition Effect (Anonya-Adhyasa) though they are not of ego-self, which is a conscious entity. As a result Self, as a conscious being comes to suffer the limitation, in accordance with the characteristics of the bio-protein medium.

    1. Ego Self (jeevatma) as consciousness per se is free from any attributes Self (Atma) lends by its "mere -presence"(sanidhi Sata matrana) & dynamisms the life process to bio-protein medium, through Ego Self

    1. The Ego Self enclosed in mind, the subtle body (sukshma shareera) as astral entity goes on Transmigration, passing through various kinds of media of expression (matter) as Energy (prana) ultimately shedding its orientation to mind (subtle body) regaining (or remembering -"SMRUTI") its original pristine condition of Absolute state of consciousness (shudha chaitanya) the Atman. This kind of evolutionary process is technically called as "Krama-Mukti" or "sadhyo-Mukti" (graded emancipation)
    2. Various media of expression available to soul, during the course of Evolution are (i) Elemental (ii) organic & Bio protein on Terrestrial plane (Bhooloka) (iii) Luminous energy particles (in bhour loka; suvar loka & mahar lok) (iv) ultra-luminous particular medium (in Tapo loka& Ganyna loka) (v) Anti-matter luminous medium (in Gayana loka&satya loka of lower stratum) (vi) Divine -Effulgence(in satya loka higher region).

    1. The media of manifestation on Evolutionary scale of Transmigration are from subtle to increasingly more & more subtle & pervasiveness, cultminating in All Pervasive Absolute Consciousness of Atmaan - ParaBrahman (sarvantaryami) Reality.

    1. The Ego Self suffering the limitations of afflictions of bio protein medium of expression (on Terrestrial Existential Plane) aspires struggle & searches for a more better, defective free medium of expression, on evolutionary scale in existential plane of creation, through graded emancipation (karma -mukthi)

  1. However, the same process of Self-Evolution (atma-parinama) culminating in Self -Realization (Atma -Sakshatkara) is possible while in the body & the process is called as Jeevan-Mukta or Sahaja-samadhi (liberation while living) .It is a state of Universal -Self Consciosness (USC):the ego-Self is relieved of thralldom of body, mind intellect while living in the body on the terrestrial plane of consciousness, empirically experiencing its all pervasiveness (sarvatma mukta) in All Beings through creational existence. The experience of universality is not merely an intellectual appreciation but is organically integral to one's consciousness, involving empirical experience of himself reflected in all beings & all beings reflected in himself like a father who feels reflected biologically in all his children. This could only be achieved through yogic meditation process.


The departed soul (Jeeva) transmigrates to higher celestial worlds by virtue of meritorious deeds to enjoy the fruits of good deeds. It returns back to the terrestrial world (BHOOLOKA) after the exhaustion of the fruits of works (KARMA PHALA). The soul may also go to the nether worlds depending upon type of sins committed to suffer and exhaust that sin. Man is essentially a spiritual entity. Atman or Soul is the spiritual center. It is surrounded from inside-out by, casual body, Astral body and physical body. On death, physical body disintegrates and astral body along with soul, leaves the body on transmigration. Direction to the Journey depends upon the quality of thoughts, entertained at the time of death, which again is based on virtuous or ignominious deeds (Punya-Papa Karma). Those who are engaged consistently and constantly through out life performing pious deeds and works as ordained by scriptures, migrate to higher worlds to enjoy the fruits of the actions; while those who neglect the right actions, engaging in baser deeds are subjected to gross nether worlds, suffering various degrees of astral (mental) tortures.
The higher celestial worlds and lower nether worlds are organized respectively in terms of increased or decreased subtlety and pervasiveness. Bhooloka is at the center, in between, the higher, brighter and lower darker worlds.