Sahaja Marga Raja Yoga Dhyana Gruhastha Ashram

It is the spiritual wing of IUSCM. The ultimate outcome of successful practice of this rajayoga is the emergence of Universal Self Coniousness.The Essential Feature of this system of rajayoga is “Pranahuthi”, (The Basic Life Principle originating from creational God) that acts by erasing out the impressions or micro tendencies of past actions from the mind and brings about radical changes in the spiritual personality of the seeker of Truth. This system runs closely to “Parpathi-yoga”(Yoga of Surrender) as advocated by Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna in Gita – scripture. It is modified version of Patanjali’s Astanga Yoga as discovered and advocated by Samartha Sathguru Sri RamachandraMaharaj. This modified version of Patanjali rajayogic process starts from Prathyahara stage and culminates in Samadhi. The other four stages of Patanjali’s rajayoga are bypassed since they are not something which are to be practiced and considered as a by-product of the yogic process and not essential. The one important basic requirement on the part of the seeker of the Reality is that, he should honestly make a thought to reach the spiritual goal through the help of the Master. It is immaterial whether such a seeker of Reality is a family man (gruhastha) or a sanyasi (Recluse). Of course such a seeker should be genuinely interested in discovering “ Life beyond the life “. He should have a preliminary faith and trust that the Master to whom he is approaching will help him in reaching the destiny.

These are some of the assumptions needed on the part of the seeker and sufficient to help him to go on the path of Shajamargarajayoga method. The different Yogic centers and plexus in the body of the abhyasis are to be cleaned by yogic process. The divine life force {Pranahuthi}is infused, starting from the centers in the heart, viz., the anahata plexus, and pancha mahabhuthas constituting the pind desh in the heart region. After cleaning and purifying the pind desh the abhyasi is taken to brahmanda mandal; from brahmanda mandal to parabrahmanda mandal and ultimately to the Base of the Center of Reality in due course of time.

In the journey on the spiritual path the seeker of Truth not only feels light in mind and spirit, but also experiences evolutionary growth and expansion in his consciousness. The gross waking consciousness is uplifted to subtle rarefied transcendental consciousness. That is ,the consciousness detaches itself from material coverings of physical, vital, mental, intellectual and bliss remaining in-itself as pure Being {shudh sat}leading in to Infinite Macro Cosmic aspect of Divine {Satyam Gyana Anantham Brahma}.The progress of the seeker continues under the watchful guidance of Master {Samartha Sath Guru Sri Ramchandra Maharaj} leading Transcendental Consciousness into Cosmic consciousness{This is known as Sahaja Samadhi},culminating ultimately into godly consciousness . It is obvious that all through the journey from the state of waking consciousness to Transcendental consciousness ,Cosmic Consciousness{Thuriya Avastha}and the Godly Consciousness{Eshvarathva- SahajaSamadhi Avastha}it is the Master’s grace that has been working& lifting the abhyasi and not at all by individual self efforts.