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Lower To Higher Self

How Yoga of Meditation (Dhayana Yoga) helps to attain Super Consciousness State?
Method: This is a functional / actional model of Sahajmarg System of raja yoga vis-à-vis attainment of the ultimate Reality. The empirical model outlines the multi dimensional effect on various elements of the psycho -somatic system of personality. It effects and purifies the somatic and astro-psych layers (Kosha) starting from Annamaya kosha to Anandamaya kosha, the inner-most covering, by the seeding of "pranahuti" by the Master in the heart of the seeker, at the level of causal body that is at anandamaya kosha. Gradually, the process leads to purification and erasing of sanskara the residual impressions of action, past and present from the causal body.

Erlong, the corporeal self (Jeevatma) gets disengaged from the covering layers, one after the other, and ultimately the identification with the layers ceases. Self, then, remains as pure consciousness (Shuda Chit) itself, the Brahmi state of Kaivalya. At the same time the process effects the cleaning six different chakras (astral knotted circles located along the spine from bottom to the top of the head), of their grossness by loosening the astral coverings surrounding chakras, and thus, cleansing the conscious mind at each level of chakra, starting from Muladhara to Sahasrara.

Conscience, or kundalini shakti as called in tantric yoga, is grossest power, heavily loaded and energised with animalistic tendencies with downward movement of vital force (Prana Shakti) in its orgin at Muladhara, the base chakra. This condition of the kundalini conscience continues though, rarified upto Manipuraka chakra. At Anahata chakra, it is mixed with human and divine conscience becoming increasingly subtle and divine as it proceeds towards the top of the head. Ultimately, it becomes akin to divine conscience by the time it reaches Sahasrara chakra; and mingles in union with Shiva the auspicious divine consciousness called Bhuma the Absolute Reality that is unphenomenon consciousness.
To be more explicit, it means the kundakini Shakti, the phenomenal conscious power loses its phenominalising tendency as it approaches Shiva at Sahasrara chakra to merge in Shiva Shivani - the attainment of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Again on practice this becomes Sahaja Samadhi, state of Jeevan Mukta by emergence of Universal Self Consciousness.

It should be recalled that kundalini Shakti is the mula prakruti the primordial nature, in its essence (tatva) inherent in Shiva (Reality) as Chidakash (consciousness-space).
Thus, Sahajmarg system of Rajayoga with Functional Dynamic Meditation (FDM) of Pranahuti as the main tool of Sadhana, helps in bringing down the Higher Cosmic Consciousness into Anahata Chakra in Pining heart, cleansing the particularised conscience. When this gets stabilised into cosmic conscience it is diverted from Anahata Chakra to lower centres of Manipurka, Swadistana and Muladhara, cleansing and divinising the lower vital forces (Apara Kundalini-shakti). Thus the movement is in two-way i.e, from heart towards top of the head then lower down.