Identification Of Godly Man (Sthita pragyna)
There is lot of literature describing about the advent of state of stabilized consciousness mind (sthita pragna) (Gita 2-54) which could hardly help practically in spotting a divine personality. Simply because a divine person is not a museum exhibit. But strangely people want a divine person of museum exhibit type; otherwise from the stand point of highest Truth it is only Reality manifesting in terms of purushothama. However you may wonder how this Godly person looks like, thinks like, and acts like. You may be disappointed if you expect extraordinary outside growth of signs in such a Godly manThe Knower of Brahman wears no signs and His signs are not manifest nor his behavior” (Mahabharat XIV.xlVi .5, I exracted from Bruhadaranya.U.P – Bashyam by Aadhi Sankara 3-5-1). He lives and moves like normal human being performing unobtrusively the duties entrusted to him by God. His simplicity and natural behavior itself becomes a hiding veil of his divine nature. We have become accustomed to learn and gain experiences through sense organs mind and intellect. Unfortunately these instruments of cognition and perception and inference or not suited and positively ineffective in grasping the godly nature of man of divine consciousness. More often you may likely conceive Him according to your past impressions and image Him according to your thought mind. The reason for this strange psychic phenomenon is that the heart of the man of divine consciousness is emptied of all material stuff and what remains in his heart is nothing but pure Consciousness-Space (chid akash). Like a mirror the heart of godly man reflects back your own thoughts, misleading you into your own “thought –estimate” of Him. Samartha Sadguru Sri Ramchandra Maharaj tells that when you come in contact with such a godly person, all the restlessness in your mind settles down and gives a feeling of obviously uncaused contentment and calmness so long you are with him. A deep silence envelops your mind and a condition of thoughtlessness prevails, erasing out the notion of past and future and time stand still only in eternal present. These are some of the indicators but ultimately it is the Grace of God that brings the true seeker to the chosen Master. Honest prayer helps a lot in this matter.